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For nearly two decades, we’ve invested heavily in technology, training, and equipment to produce the best quality organisms for use in the environmental water quality testing industry.  Now aquariums and fish breeders can benefit from our high standards and the resulting superior quality of our organisms.

Enticing Food for Sensitive Cultures

We recognize that safely sustaining sensitive cultures can be a challenging process and the importance of a nourishing and enticing food source. MBL Aquaculture addresses these concerns by delivering guaranteed disease and parasite-free live feeders that can be enriched for use as exceptional nutrient vectors. Quantities of 50,000 and higher are available by contract, produced to meet your exact needs.

All organisms are cultured in closed, UV-sterilized re-circulating system, within an environmentally controlled building.

Live Mysis Feeder Shrimp
Live Mysids make a great food for Syngnathids and other hard to feed marine predators. Mysids can be enhanced with vitamins and medications by feeding enriched rotifers. Available @ 24hrs old to adults, a size range of ~3mm to ~12mm.

Saltwater Rotifers
Rotifers, via enrichment, can be used to administer food, vitamins and medications.

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About Enriching

Enrichment can improve the usefulness of feeders as a nutrient vector. Our culturists enrich rotifers and Artemia nauplii the natural way, using different formulations of Instant Algae from Reed Mariculture. Using blends of several algae species provides a broad and more complete nutritional profile. For more information about algae enrichment, visit Reed Mariculture online at

Additional Resources:
2004 Announcement: Mysids As Live Food Source (PDF)


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